A night of passion….

Written by nbc

I’ve lived our evening together in my mind so many times. I know exactly how it’s going to be.

You arrive. I’m dressed in a short skirt and soft silky blouse. I wear nothing beneath so I can feel my clothing as it whispers over my body. Soon it will be your hands, your mouth… But not yet. First, I remove your coat and warm your cold hands against my cheeks. I hold your palms and look deeply into your eyes, my gaze is telling all the things I want to try with you, all the things I want to do to you…  My lips come ever closer to yours until we’re merely a breath apart.

You smile and finally, without a word, we kiss. The kiss is soft at first, lips brushing lips, tongues lightly touching, then we pull each other closer, deepening the kiss until we are enmeshed, part of one another. Your breath is mine and mines is yours. Your tongue stroke, delves, explores and begs mine to do the same. You pull back a bit to nip my lower lip, biting very gently just to create shards of pleasure that knife through my body, making my nipples tighten and my breasts swell, reaching for your touch.  My knees are weak now but I won’t rush any of our time together. I let my head fall back, revealing my throat for your mouth to pleasure. You know just what I love, tiny licks and kisses along the taut tendon at the side of my neck, then to the incredibly sensitive spot where it meets my shoulder. Heat! Heat flows through me like hot lava, turning my bones to melting wax. God, how I want you. “Don’t rush but hurry, I want it all. I want to give you all!” I whisper in your ear.

Your breath is hot in my ear now as you guide me to the bed.

Before I’m too weak to stand you unbutton my skirt and use your palms to guide it down over my hips and thighs. Where the cloth slithers down my skin your hands follow blazing paths of fire. Now I am naked from the waist down, yet my blouse is still buttoned across my aching breasts. You laugh softly, enjoying the sight of me, half prim and half wanton. I raise my hands to unfasten my blouse but you pushe them away. “Not yet,”. And then efficiently you remove you’re clothing until I can see you in your magnificent nakedness… your penis is hard, fully erect, stretching toward me. As I look I can almost feel you slowly penetrating, opening me… Now you hold me close, rubbing your chest against mine with the silky layer of fabric between. The sensation is electric, silk sliding over my tight nipples, your hands pressing me ever more tightly against you. I undulate, moving against you like a cat in heat. Your hands move down my back to my naked buttocks to press your penis more firmly against my flesh, so close but not yet penetrating. There is no space between us, skin to skin, except for the silk. I want it gone. I want my bare breasts against your chest, my nipples almost tangled in your chest hair. As I try to remove it, however, you stop me. Your eyes tell me how sensual it feels, how wicked to see me half-dressed when you’re  so naked, so I drop my hands. You lower me to the bed and I stretch out on the cool linen sheets, feeling the slightly rough material against my calves. I rub the soles of my feet against the linen, then against your hard thighs. I touch your hardness with my toes while you stand beside the bed. I watch your penis harden still more, jumping as I press it against you belly with the sole of my foot. Unable to stand more teasing, then lower yourself beside me. Your mouth finds my nipple and you wet my blouse with your lips and tongue, the moisture is cool on one breast, hot with your breath on the other.

And it will be wild. This is only the calm before the storm. Suddenly your hand finds my mound, your fingers combing through my soft pussy, pressing places filled with heat and need. You laugh again when you feel how wet I am, knowing I am also a reflection of your hardness. “Find me, I say silently. Find all the places that need your hands, your body. Find me!”

Yet you still play, teasing me, sliding through the wetness, exploring all the creases, not touching where I need you. Well, two can play this game, I say to myself. And I find your penis with my hand and encircle it. Slowly and softly I slide up and down its length, not squeezing the way I know you want me to. As long as you keep teasing me, I’ll keep teasing you. If I can only keep from losing my mind!

“Now! Please!” You hear me and your fingers find my clitoris, I almost explode. “Please, just rub a moment more. One more stroke. Please!” You move and when your mouth finds my clit, I shatter, my climax echoing through my entire being. I squeeze your penis, driving it through my fingers in a parody of thrusting. “More!”  Spasms continue to riot through me and you move to position your cock between my spread thighs. “Do it!” I say again… And you finally insert it just a bit but it’s not enough. I wrap my legs around your waist and impale myself on your shaft, taking all of you deeply, completely.

Your moans and growls match mine, sounds of intensity, of need and erotic electricity. Higher and higher we ride the wave, my body is still coming, squeezing your cock embedded within me. Finally, we are spent. We stay joined and slip into sleep.

That’s an amazing night.